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100% USDA Dehydrated Chicken Breast in powder form. Perfect topping for dogs and cats.

Come and get it! We have pulverized our Bare Breasts into a powder, and packaged them into convenient shakers, to bring a burst of flavor to your pet’s food! Sprinkle a dash, or a heap, of Bare Bits on top of your furry friend’s next meal as an appetite stimulant or for an extra special treat – taking the ordinary to extraordinary.


Ingredients: 100% USDA, dehydrated, all natural, pulverized chicken breast. Gluten Free. No Additives. No Artificial Preservatives. Just plain and simple ... but incredibly delicious. We Dare to Go Bare ... and it works!

Bare Bits - Chicken Seasoning 3oz

SKU: 27042

Memorial Day 15% OFF Sale

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